Dealing with Market Volatility


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has stoked fear into the heart of the financial markets. In

addition to the virus fears, election uncertainties and fears of a recession are causing the

markets to decline and volatility to increase. While the virus is a legitimate threat to short

term economic growth, we feel long term that this sell off is somewhat overdone and that this

will come to pass.

We know for investors, times like these are difficult. Watching your accounts decline in value,

being bombarded with fear and panic from the media outlets, and not knowing when things

will calm down can make any investor question their strategy. It is important in times like

this to take a step back and look at what’s happening:


Market Corrections are a normal thing. The markets frequently experience periods of decline,

it is a normal function of the stock market.


Recession might already be priced into the market decline. Even if future economic data

shows signs of a slowdown, the market may have already priced in the worst case scenario.


Interest rates are still at historic lows. For individuals borrowing money for a home or for

existing homeowners looking to refinance, borrowing has never been cheaper.


Oil prices have recently declined. While this puts pressure on the oil industry, for most

Americans, lower prices at the pump is a good thing.


Our economy was very healthy prior to the virus. Even though things will most likely slow

down, the overall picture of our economy looks bright.


Market volatility is never an easy event to experience, but with patience and a sound financial

plan, we believe investors will weather the storm. We will be reviewing your allocations &

looking for opportunities to improve your portfolio. If you are nervous or frustrated with the

recent volatility, please call us, we want to hear from you.


Thank you for your continued trust in us,


JVB Investment Team