Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company

With four generations of family-ownership spanning more than 70 years, Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company is a full service investment firm, located in downtown Jackson, Michigan, helping individuals, families and businesses secure their financial futures. We believe that “trust” is one of the most important aspects in a successful financial plan, so you can trust that we’ll be here to advise you. Learn more about Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company or contact us to schedule an appointment.




Company History

Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company was initially founded in 1937 as H.H. Butterfield Company. The man himself, H.H. Butterfield, founded his company in downtown Jackson, Michigan, after garnering 20 years of success at a national brokerage firm. Operating during one of the toughest economic depressions in U.S. History, H.H. Butterfield relied on his years of experience and keen knowledge of industry trends.

In 1946, Jack Butterfield began working with his father at H.H. Butterfield Company, and the two of them continued to work together until 1958, when second son, James Butterfield, joined the family business. The exceptional capabilities of the father/son trio helped expand the business so much that in 1963, H.H. Butterfield Company was split into two firms. The second firm, also located in Jackson, was led by Jack, and was aptly named Jack V. Butterfield Investment Company.

In 1979, Jack’s son, John C. Butterfield, joined the company, creating a new team of father/son investment advisors to help the Jackson community meet their financial goals. When Jack passed in 1983, John became the family business’ third-generation leader, keeping the name of the firm unchanged as a way of honoring his late father.